On the same principles, with such plants as Grevillea robusta, Ficus elastica, Aralia Sieboldi, Rhus glabra laciniata, Acacia lophanta and others. As the surface of these beds will be in view the whole season, we might use a more ornamental arrangement for undergrowth. The surface should be flat, by which it will appear as if the standards were planted on carpet beds, if we plant small circles of Pyrethrum parthenifolium aureum around the stems, and All the rest of the space with Alternan-thera. The circles of Cerastium elegantissima, and the spaces, Tradescantia zebrina; or, circles of Alternanthera, and the rest of the space to be filled with Stellariagraminea aurea. This remarkable species of chickweed, as well as a few other plants, I have not yet tried in this country, and have, indeed, not even seen it in any American catalogue. I have noted it down, supposing that such useful plants, not yet in our collection, will soon be brought thither by our active nurserymen and florists. Said plant may be inferior to Pyrethrum (of the same color) in ribbon borders, but superior in massing, especially if a shaded place can be procured.