Kretsch-mar Bros., Flatbush, L. L, write : We sent you two plants of a new double seedling Geranium, begging you to report on them in the Gar. dener's Monthly after a Summer's trial.

Our seedling, exhibited at the New York Horticultural Society's Spring Show, May 26th, 1877,. was granted a special premium, and at the same society's Pall Exhibition, September 26th, 1877. a specimen plant of it, of two feet diameter, with fifty-two flower stems, was awarded the first premium."Summit of Perfection" we have named it.

[These were planted in the open ground, and proved to be remarkably free bloomers, which the doubles are generally not. It is a scarlet variety, and the flowers not so double as some others. There is a striking resemblance between it and another seedling called Conrad Kirclmer, sent us also to try, and we are unable to decide which is best. - Ed. G. M].