By Hon Eli K. Price. This essay on forest culture is a paper read before the American Philosophical Society, and by them published in the Transactions. Mr. Price has passed his three score and ten, but is still hale and hearty, and has spent his many years in great activity for the public good. As one of the Board of Commissioners of Fairmount Park, its tree-planting interests have mainly been under his control, and in every way possible he has thrown the weight of his great influence into the cause of tree culture. The great botanist Michaux left a sum of money to Philadelphians for tree-planting, and Mr. Price shows in this essay how much good it has done. He is a believer in the theory that trees and the rainfall are intimately connected, and enters into the historical questions connected with that view. This, indeed is the key-note of the essay. He shows what has been done in some quarters for tree-planting, and points out the good that will follow from a more extended practice.

The Science Observer, Boston, a monthly published by the Amateur Scientific Society, at 50 cents per annum. Astronomical matters receive particular attention.

The American Naturalist has been removed from Boston to Philadelphia, having been purchased by some Philadelphia scientists. It is now under the joint editorship of Messrs. Packard, of Salem, Mass., and Cope, of Philadelphia. The January number shows that the scientific value of the magazine has not suffered by the change while the publishers' department is as perfect as need be. McCalla & Stavely are the new publishers.