The schedule for 1878, says:

"The objects of this incorporation are: the advancement of the science of Horticulture and Pomology, rural adornment and landscape gardening; to encourage the growth and culture of plants, shrubs, trees, fruits and vegetables; to facilitate the introduction of the same in Texas; to increase and facilitate the transportation and sale of fruits; to encourage the establishment of nurseries, hot-houses, vineyards, gardens and fruit orchards of every kind, and generally to promote the development of the Horticultural and Pomological resources of the State".

An excellent feature is the provision for establishing local Societies, in connection with the one central body, and which we have heretofore suggested to the older societies in other States. Of this, it says: " To the Vice Presidents in the various Senational Districts is assigned the duty of organizing co-operative branches of this Association, at such points in their respective Districts as may be deemed most advisable, appointing an Executive Committee therefrom, and a Secretary, who shall collect specimens of all soils, with all statistical information in relation to either or all of them, and forward the same to the Secretaiy of the Texas Horticultural and Pomological Association, at Houston; the specimens to be placed on permanent exhibition in the Museum, and the statistics to be filed for reference and publication." The officers are, President, A. B. Small, Houston; Vice President, Wm. Watson, Brenham; Secretary, Geo-Kidd, Houston;. Treasurer, Robert Brewster, Houston.