It is a pleasure to note that this venerable magazine has lost none of its youthful force by the change of proprietors. It is particularly a pleasure to trace Professor Thurber's pen through its column's as diligently as ever. It would have been a great loss to agricultural journalism if the change in proprietors had made any change there.

A few weeks ago we received a prospectus of "The Country Home, " to be started by E. H. Libby and W. R. Beckwith, and we have now another, announcing that Mr. Libby will in future be the managing editor of the American Agriculturist, and Mr. Beckwith the Treasurer of the Orange Judd Company. Mr. Judd is still to be the President of the company. We understand from the circular that Dr. Thurber is to continue his relations with the paper, which all will be glad to hear. The Agriculturist has been of immense service to American Agriculture, and has never shown the slightest signs of decrepitude. It will be hard for the new managers to make it better than it has been, but we wish them every success in the endeavor.