This has recently been brought to notice by Col. Stichter, of Reading, Pa. It was introduced by Mr. Fehr from Switzerland, fifteen years ago, and grown in his orchard as the "Champagne." Mr. Charles Downing, judging from some specimens sent to him, thinks it is an acquisition, and worthy of trial in other localities; and gives the following as the description:

Fruit of medium size, ablate, slightly angular; skin smooth, almost waxen, pale, whitish yellow, shaded with light red where fully exposed to the sun, and a few scattering brown dots, which are areoled on the colored side; stalk short, small; cavity rather large, deep, sometimes slightly russeted; calyx closed, segments long, recurved; basin rather small, nearly smooth; flesh white, fine grained, tender, juicy, with a mild, sub-acid, pleasant flavor, slightly aromatic; core small, quality very good.