This very pretty plant is not so generally used as it should be in shrubberies and flower borders, in semi-wild situations, and on the margins of ponds and lakes. For nearly two months past in my grounds it has been an object of general admiration. The first to flower was H. Sieboldii, with its fine orange colored flowers and graceful narrow foliage. After that came II. fulva, with bronze orange-red flowers shading off to crimson, the center being yellow. Next came H. Thunbergi, clear beautiful yellow. Then H. Kwanso flore pleno, with large double flowers of a fine rich apricot color, shading off to crimson, and along with it H. disticha flore pleno, with rich glowing orange finely formed double flowers, shading off to intense crimson. H. fulva and Kwanso flore pleno attain a height of four feet; Thunbergi, three feet; disticha flore pleno, a little over two feet; and Sieboldii, about two feet. Besides these 1 have other varieties of Hemerocallis in my collection which have not yet bloomed. For furnishing vases, the cut spikes of flowers are most ornamental.

As with ordinary Lilies all the undeveloped flower-buds expand in water. - The Garden.