In my short note, at foot of page 240, August number, which you kindly copy, the second word should be send instead of " saw;" and at the top of next page (241) second line, the word " kind" should be pit. The sentence will then read: " You will notice the pit is very small, exceeding even Shannon in this respect." The fruit itself is of medium size. I observe that another competent authority, " Notes from the Pines " [American Ayriculiurist, August, 1878, page "02, 1st column), is also well pleased with the fruit, considering it superior to "Early Richmond, " than which it is "a week or ten days earlier." His young trees, received several years ago from "a gentleman in Tennessee " and not " six or eight feet high, were fairly filled " with the fruit. The success of tin's fine Morello in Eastern New York, Central Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee, is certainly noteworthy.