I am now prepared to report fully upon the hardiness of the Eucalyptus in this latitude.

E.bicolor (though with slight protection of straw and matting) perished the last season - and this is the mildest winter known since 1825 in this section - proving it no more hardy than E. globulus and other varieties. I also lost Cassia fistula (from Australia), when left out, slightly protected; which leads me to the conclusion that Australian plants and shrubs will not stand out north of Georgia. Our winters are too severe for them, and the Eucalyptus globulus is therefore a fanciful delusion, as far as any benefits our low, flat, swampy and malarious country is to derive from its general culture here, as in Italy.

As a proof of the unusual mildness of the season, I will say I plucked a Louis Phillippe Rose in my garden, in bloom, January 20th, and the same bushes are now set with buds. The Marechal Neil buds look as though a few more days' warm sun would open them.