These two Globe Arbor Vitaes are now comparatively common around Philadelphia, several nurseries having distributed them extensively thereabouts. The German variety Thuja pumila is a stronger grower than the other, and is of a darker green, but it is not so compact a grower. The American Thuja globosa is preferred by many because of its more globular form; though if one's grounds are of fair size there will be plenty of room for both. These beautiful Arbor Vitas are not near so well known as they ought to be. Nurserymen complain that, like many other nice things, they do not pay to raise, as the average customer is too much inclined to value their products by their size, and not according to their rarity, nor the time taken to produce them. Hence fast-growing trees pay the best, and rarer ones, if of slow growth, are in a measure discarded.