The Northern Spy Apple

The Gardener's Chronicle figures the Northern Spy Apple, and says it is one of the best apples in England. It was first introduced to public notice by Ell-wanger & Barry, of New York.

Blight-Proof Stocks

In Australia they call the Aphis lanigera "American blight".

They are using an old English apple, the Ma-jetin, for stocks, which they say is "blight-proof".

Scribner Spitzenbtjrg Apples

Mr. Bailey writes:"I do not think that there is much difference in time of ripening of the Esopus and Scribner Spitzenburgs. This year we had very warm weather, ripening the fruit earlier than usual on the trees, and followed by very unusually warm weather after packing. All our apples are over-ripe for the season".

Outside Grape Borders

R. T. Littleton, N. H., asks : "Would you advise making a grape border outside for forcing, in a cold climate like Franconia, N. H. ? I see you do in Pennsylvania, in December number, page 3G7. I had thought the reverse the best in this cold climate".

[Yes; but cover the border in winter with leaves or some other material. Frost will not injure the roots of a grape vine; but then it does them no good. - Ed. G. M].

Light For Tropical Plants

Professor Seeley thinks the idea that tropical plants need a large amount of light is a mistake. We are inclined to agree with him. We doubt much whether the actual amount of light in a tropical country is any greater than the year's average in a temperate one. We have been surprised to find the Banana and many tropical plants make green, healthy growth in warm rooms, where the light was comparatively limited.

The Gardener's Monthly And No Garden

S. J. B., of Biddle University, Charlotte, N. C, writes:"If it should be any encouragement to the publisher and the editor, I might say that I appreciate The Monthly so highly, that I have taken it the past two years merely for the general information contained in it, although I had no ground to cultivate; but heresifter I shall make use of Mr. Meehan's experience to my own profit, I trust. Paradoxically, one need not ' vegetate' with The Monthly on his table".

Melbourne Botanic Garden

Baron Yon Mailer, to whom we owe the introduction at the Centennial of the majestic Australian tree ferns, receives much praise from the Melbourne Argus, for what was accomplished when he was at the head of the Botanic Garden there.

Transactions Of The Nebraska State Horticultural Society

From D. H. Wheeler, Secretary, Plattsmouth, Neb. We always value these as keeping us posted on the successful progress of horticulture in a State where so much has to be learned from actual experiment.