The Monthly will now be well freighted with advertisements enlightening its readers where and how to buy; and especially instructive as showing the rapid progress which horticulture has made since the establishment of this magazine. In the nurseries, there are the various species of useful and ornamental herbs and trees from every clime in the universe, all fit for sale. Many of the seed and implement warehouses are towering temples of greatness, and stored with seeds of the most improved species and varieties suitable for culture in all parts of our extensive domain. The hand-tools and machines for man and horse are of the latest inventions and improvements to lighten, cheapen and facilitate the labors of field and garden. The ingeniously constructed and handsomely finished rustic designs, to ornament and diversify the garden, the parlor, and the park, are as curious as they are beautiful. In herbs and trees, seeds and implements, curious ornamental designs, dried flowers and grasses, cut flowers and floral decorations; flowers for Winter, flowers for Summer, and fruits for all time! The reading columns of The Monthly afford a profitable study, but scarcety less so are the advertising pages.

It is gratifying to those who know how highly floral taste is estimated by intelligent Europeans, to note how much we are advancing in the same directions; and nothing shows how this is going on more than the numerous advertisements in the Gardener's Monthly.