The Seeding of Wistaria sinensis is a subject full of interest for the vegetable physiologist, and especially for the Darwinist. At the last meeting of the Linnean Society a paper from Mr. T. Meehan was communicated by the Rev. G. Henslow, " On the Laws governing the Production of Seed in Wistaria sinensis." The author alludes to the fact that the Wistaria, when supported, grows amazingly, but is seedless; on the contrary, the self-supporting so-called"tree Wistarias," produce seeds abundantly. These cases illustrate, the difference between vegetative and reproductive force. They are not antagonistic, but supplement each other. While Wistaria flowers freely without seeding, it has been supposed this arises from the bees not cross fertilizing. Mr. Meehan submits data, however, in which he thinks the question lies rather in the harmonious relation between the two above nutritive powers than with insect pollenization. - Gardeners" Magazine.