The Victoria Lily

The California Horticulturist says: "We are soon to have the pleasure of seeing this famous and interesting aquatic plant growing in a tank in one of the conservatories of the costly and grand Hopkins Mansion on "Nob Hill".

Hellebore Powder

Geo. S.Woodruff, Mt. Airy, Phila., writes: " Mr. Channing and others recommend Hellebore for destroying scale and mealy bug, but no one tells how much of the Hellebore is enough for a quart or gallon of soap, an item of some importance in view of the cost of the former. Will some one be good enough to give the information suggested".

A Double Mexican Lily

As we noted in the Editor's English Notes, Mr. B. S. Williams, of London, has made a specialty of bulbs and bulb-like plants. We are told that he has been rewarded for some of his devotion by the blue Agapanthus, which has produced for him a kind with double flowers. This revives our interest in this old fashioned plant, but which one never neglects without a feeling of ingratitude.

The True Cumbo

The American Agriculturist is right, Gumbo is the name of the dish, or rather soup, made of Okra. The compound of which soup is also called Gumbo, is made from Sassafras leaves dried and made into a powder called Gumbo fill. Not quite certain about the spelling of the latter, pronounced as spelt fele.

Georgia Pears

Pear growing seems a success in Georgia. The Enterprise says that Mr. W. W. Woodruff, of Spalding, ships them in large quantities profitably to Northern markets. Seckel, Bartlett and Duchess, are the kind named, and the Mount Vernon is referred to as promising well.

October Peaches

At this writing, October 8th, the Peach has almost disappeared from the Philadelphia markets. Very few come in for sale after the Smock. Why would not there be profitable sale for such superior late sorts as those Mr. Blodget sends us ?

Olive Oil

This is said by a correspondent to be a very successful product of Santa Barbara, California.

California Raisins

The Raisin industry of California is now on a well established basis, and competition with the European product is now the order of the day.

Texan Early Peaches

Texas is now entering the lists with her early Peaches. Three kinds, Dr. Brice, Ashley and Baker's Early, are named as competitors with Amsden and Alexander.

Wilder Peach

This has fruited in Texas, and is found to be a few days earlier than Alexander. Mr. Munson finds it a "very beautiful fruit" there.