C T. W., Hartford, Conn., writes:"I have noticed lately that the huds of some of my Azaleas are growing to look like the enclosed; and while I have no doubt that some insect is at the bottom of the trouble, I have not been able to discover (although I havn't used a glass) anything of the kind. I have found, accidentally, a very small black fly in the under surface of some of the larger beans. I have never had any experience with the thrip, which I understand is sometimes a great pest on Azaleas; so that if it is this that is troubling me, I am unable to recognize it. If you think that the delay will make no difference to the plants, please give me what light you can through the Gardener's Monthly." [This is a case of thrips, which are generally easily kept under when in greenhouses, by tobacco smoke."Where there is but a plant or two, the hot-water remedy may be tried. The water must not be over 120°, and the plant be dipped in only for an instant. - Ed. G. M].