After many years' experience in budding the Peach and having had the charge of the budding of millions, I find that early budding invariably does the best, say from August 1st, until September 1st. Many suppose that if budded too early they will start to grow, but the percentage is so small that it amounts to nothing. If only a few are to be budded, the best time is about the 10th to 15th of August, but when there are large quantities, it is best by far to begin as soon as the trees are large enough, if it is in July, than to put off too late. When cold nights commence in September, the sap is checked, and when trees are on sandy soil especially, they soon stop growth; and if buds unite they do not start as well or vigorous in the Spring. There are many thousand trees lost by late budding, and those not already clone, should be done in the next ten days if they are expected to do well. There are exceptional seasons, but this has been my experience in the last fifteen years.