C. A. D., New York, says: " Can you tell me the reason why the Ilex opaca is so difficult to transplant successfully ? I have tried it repeatedly before, but I thought that in a large one having been repeatedly transplanted, there would be some good chance of success. Yet one I tried the past Spring, is either dead already or so near it that there is no hope of its resuscitation; while another one much smaller, given me by a friend and transplanted but a small distance comparatively, and had its roots exposed to the air scarcely at all, died before the frequently transplanted one, and, in fact, never gave any sign of intending to live. If you can give me light on this question, I shall be very much obliged to you".

[The Holly has very sluggish roots, while its evaporating powers through its leaves are enormous. To be successful with transplanting Hollies, we have to regulate these extremes, which we do by cutting off the leaves in cases of doubtful success. We have never known a case where the leaves and half-hardened wood were cut away, that perfect success did not follow. Many people hate to lose even for a short time the beautiful leaves; but it is only for a couple of months; and it is better to lose this two months of gratification than the whole tree. - Ed. G. M].