The following are the dimensions of some North Carolina trees, as reported from Cherokee county by the Board of Agriculture of that State:

White Oak, 13 feet 4 inches in circumference, and 50 feet to first limb; Yellow Locust, 10 feet circumference, and 60 feet to first limb; Chestnut, 18 feet 6 inches in circumference; Poplar. 11 feet 9 inches in circumference, 70 feet to first limb. Poplar, 11 feet in circumference,7 feet to first limb Yellow Locust, 7 feet 7 inches in circumferennce 45 feet to first limb; Shingle Oak, 11 feet in circumference, GO feet to first limb; Black Gum, 9 feet 7 inches in circumference. 40 feet to first limb; Hickory, 9 feet in circumference, 50 feet to first limb; Grape Vine at Valley Town, 18 inches in circumference.