A correspondent asks: "Why do you think the wood of the escaped Garden Cherry is better for cabinet work than that of C.serotina? See G. Monthly, p. 144, April No. Have you ever seen the former used? and when and where shown. I am interested in the subject of this Wild Cherry wood, as you have, seen, if you have read my last 'Notes;' but I want to get any additional information I can on the subject. So your paragraph at once arrested my attention and causes this inquiry".

[The Wild Cherry, which is indigenous (Ce-rasus serotina), and the Wild Cherry which is an escape from our gardens, are both in abundance in the vicinity of Philadelphia. One is as easy to be obtained as the other. We have since learned that both are used, and both highly esteemed, and in many cases where the wild garden cherry is not to be had, the cerasus serotina is wholly employed. - Ed. G. M].