Mr. W. T. Bell in the Venango Spectator gives the following as his choice :

Abutilon vexillarium and A. vexillarium pictum; shrubby plants, to be climbers, flowering freely, and the latter having leaves variegated with yellow.

Ampelopsis Veitchii, a woody climber from Japan, somewhat similar to our Virginia Creeper.

Coboea scandens, a rapid grower, clinging by tendrils, and having large bell-shaped flowers. There is also a variegated-leaved variety of the same. Ivy - English, and other woody kinds; also, what is commonly known as German or Parlor Ivy, a fast-growing herbaceous plant.

Lygodium scandens, a climbing fern, of great beauty, introduced from Japan.

Myrsiphillum, or Smilax, one of the most beautiful climbers in cultivation. While the plant is in active growth the soil about its roots should never be allowed to become very dry.

Senecio macroglossum, Cape Ivy, one of the very best rapid-growing climbers, similar in habit to the German Ivy, but with thick, glossy leaves, and much superior to it.

Drooping or creeping plants :

Fuchsia procumbens, a new and distinct species, a real trailer.

Geraniums, Ivy-leaved.

Lobelia, flowers bright blue.

Lycopodiums, moss-like plants, in great variety; suitable for carpeting.

Lysimachia, or Moneywort, flowers yellow.

Othonna crassifolia, a pretty little plant, with cylindrical, fleshy leaves and yellow flowers.

Polygonum scandens.

Saxifraga sarmentosa, a common plant, increasing by sarments, or runners, like the strawberry.

Tradescantia, or' Wandering Jew; several varieties.

Vinca, or Periwinkle; vines grow several feet in length, some of the varieties having variegated leaves.

Other suitable plants:

Abutilon, Boule de Neige, with white bell-shaped flowers; and P. Thompsonii, leaves variegated with yellow.

Achyranthus, plants with red foliage.

Agave, or Century Plant.

Azaleas, shrubby plants, flowering in early Spring.

Calla Ethiopica.

Camellias - Carnations - Centaureas, plants with downy, white foliage.

Echeverias - Farfugium - leaves spotted with yellow.

Ferns in variety - Fuchsias, Geraniums, - Hyacinths - Jessamines - Myrtle - Oleanders, Palms, of certain kinds, Pelargoniums - Chinese Primrose - Roses - Solanums, etc.