What "aristocrats" are these lowly-growing flowers, blossoming away all the Summer in pure white loveliness, and yet as proud of their bit of blue blood as is the veriest Bond Street dandy ! An ordinary observer would scarcely imagine that the blood that circulates in the veins of these floral Albinos was as deeply infected with blue as are their cerulean brethren; but so it is. Singularly enough, the seed produced by the white kinds is also of a silvery whiteness, and thus differs materially from that of the blue forms, the seed of which is in color a dark red. Purchasers of white Lobelia seed can therefore easily ascertain by looking at it that they have seed of the right color, and mixing to avoid detection is an impossibility. Still, in spite of this fact, it will be found when the seedlings grow, that at least two-thirds of them come blue, the taint of blue blood being so strong in the constitution of the white kinds. All the white forms have originated in in sports from Speciosa, and are in fact white reproductions of that variety; therefore, the tendency to revert to its original character is not remarkable.

The only possible means of eradicating the blue tint is to select seed carefully every year from seedling plants of the purest white that are grown quite away from other colors, and thus by persistence a strain of pure white seedlings may eventually be ensured. - Gardener's Magazine.