Many years ago the " Peabody " Strawberry was introduced, creating quite an excitement in the land. It was sold by subscription. I obtained enough plants to make a small bed, but found the grubs had a wonderful liking for them. Casting about for a remedy, a fellow amateur suggested a mole as a cure. He was kind enough to obtain one for me, and 1 turned him loose in the patch. I had provided against his escape by digging a narrow trench about twenty inches deep and filling it up with sharp cinders, obtained from a foundry. The day following I was up early to see what this exterminator had done, and the sight that met my eyes was wonderful. The mole seemed to understand the purpose for which he was placed there. It had followed five rows, and every plant was raised up four or five inches. We went for that mole, but he made the circuit before he was caught.