In accordance with a wish expressed by you some time since in the Gardener's Monthly, that parties having fine specimens of ornamental trees would report them, I would inform you that I am the possessor of a fine specimen of Weeping Beech, forty feet high, with many of the branches drooping twenty to twenty-five feet; and also another forty-foot specimen of Ulmus viminalis; both trees imported from Mr. Rivers and planted where they now stand thirty years ago.

I have also now in flower a Clematis Jack-manii, covering a space on my house side 10x8 feet, and covered with bloom to the amount of 1200 to 1500 flowers, opened and buds. Also another Clematis "Jack," which, with Honeysuckles aurea reticulata and Halliana, have clambered up and around the conductor pipe of my homely residence until they have reached the roof; and I would observe that the dark purple star flowers of the clematis peeping out among the green and gold foliage of the Lonicera presents a very pretty appearance.