I have noticed that you invite descriptions of large or interesting plants, and therefore send you a description of a large and productive Heliotrope; I have had it nineteen years. It is trained espalier-fashion under three sashes of my greenhouse within six inches of the glass, and covers a space of ten feet high and fourteen feet wide. It attained these dimensions the second year. I have frequently taken oft' at one cutting 300 trusses of flowers. There are seldom less than 100. It is of the old "Souvenir de Liege " variety, and is light lavender in color, but by keeping one sash whitewashed it gives me all I want of blooms nearly white. It is planted in a bench three feet wide, ten feet long, and eight inches deep. The bench is covered with pots of other plants all Winter, that will do in the shade so that the under space is occupied. I dry it off from June till August. Prune it back to five old canes one inch in diameter and five feet long. Take out all the earth and cut off all the roots to within a foot of the trunk (which is five and a-half inches through it.) Fill with new compost and start again, allowing no shoots to grow for two feet from the root. It might be grown to double the dimensions, but I have not the space to spare or sale for the flowers.

I have two other varieties under similar treatment, but shall discard them as they are not nearly so productive.