By Vol-ney Rattan, San Francisco, published by A. L. Bancroft & Co. The flowers of California have been described in so many different and generally inaccessible works, that it is no little trouble for any one to learn the histories of the plants he finds. In this only the polypetalous and gamo-petalous exogens are described, and of these the umbelliferae and compositae are omitted. Still it is the only cheap work accessible to students of the California flora, and is therefore valuable so far as it goes.

Dickens' Dictionary of London, - Published by McMillan & Co., from Claxton, Remsen & Haffelfinger, Philadelphia. The hundreds of Americans who go to Europe every year use much time in hunting about for the best things to see. They buy " guide books," but half the things thought to be important by the guide maker are of no consequence to the average man or woman. In the writer's own case he cuts loose from the guide books, and thus generally finds himself in interesting places where no one else has been. For instance every guide book tells " every visitor to see Covent Garden Market," but no word is ever said of Clare Market, not fifteen minutes walk away. The writer of this stumbled on it early one Sunday morning in his recent London experience, and, as the market of the very poor, it is well worthy of a special visit to London to see. Yet a distinguished London gentleman to whom we related our adventure had never heard of the place. If we had access to this " Dictionary" it would not have been by chance that we had this extremely interesting experience. This book is valuable in this, that it gives full accounts of everything - nearly every thing - that can possibly interest the stranger, and he can thus be his own guide in selecting where to go and what to see.

Even those who never expect to see London will derive much satisfaction from reading about the many things others may see there.