M. S., Pittsburg, Pa., asks : "Is the Abutilon Darwini noticed in the last Monthly new? I never heard of it before. It should be worth growing by what you say of it".

[It is not exactly new, and ought to be well known. Looking through a catalogue of Peter Henderson's, now three years old, we find the following account of it, which we give here, as it seems to be yet so much "unknown :" "Entirely distinct, the flowers a deep orange scarlet color, veined with pink, opening like a parasol, making it unlike all other sorts of Abutilons, in which the flowers are bell-shaped. The flowers also are thrown well out beyond the foliage. This peculiarity of opening out makes it valuable for bouquets, and being a most abundant bloomer, is well suited for winter flowering." - Ed. G. M].

At a recent meeting of the Germantown Horticultural Society, Mr. James Barrows exhibited a plant of this pretty species which though only eighteen inches, had thirty-three expanded flowers. It was a fine example of good culture.