The Germantown Telegraph says :

"Thomas Meehan, Esq., the distinguished scientist of Germantown, who had been connected with the Press of this city for fifteen years as editor of the agricultural and horticultural department, retired from the position some three or four months ago, and hence is not responsible for statements and opinions therein since that date".

It may be added that while the former agricultural editor of the Press has the best wishes for a newspaper with which he was for so many years connected, and even refrained from any public notice of the disconnection in order that his old friend might have the benefit of the silence, if benefit it be, he cannot regard the statement above made as more than just, when he was supposed in some quarters to be responsible for such statements as that the coffee tree is now under successful farm culture in Connecticut, and the editorial assertion that our native grape vines all came originally from France, have become acclimated, and are now being returned to the French because the accli-matization has rendered them proof against the Phylloxera!