C. S. Arm prion, Ontario, Canada, writes : " There is in the nurseries of the Renfrew Fruit and Floral Company here, a patch of Alpine Strawberries that were planted two years ago. Last year they were all white, but this year they have changed to red, with the exception of a plant here and there. They join a patch of Wilsons. Can that have anything to do with it ? Mr. Meehan please give us light on the matter".

[The only explanation we can offer is that a plant of the Red variety, which in some unknown way had become mixed with the others, has "struggled for life " with the white ones, and stands a good chance of a complete victory. - Ed. G. M].

Origin of Early Joe and Benoni Apples. C. D., Newburgh, N. Y., writes: " The Early Joe originated in Ontario, County, and the Benoni in Massachusetts. Their locations were reversed in the last Gardener's Monthly".