The fashion of having fine colored leaved plants in masses, helps very much to adorn our flower gardens; but the pleasure which pretty and fragrant flowers bring is wanting, and it is gratifying to every lover of true gardening enjoyment, that the good old annual and biennial plants are again becoming popular; fortified as they are by numerous beautiful species which have been added to the list, since the rage for mere carpet beds threw them into the far back ground. Of older new things, however, there are few that will compete in fragrance with Sweet Alyssum or Mignonette. Some complain that they are dead before the Summer season is over; but if the flowers be cut off when or before they fade, the blooming season is much prolonged; and this is true of perennial plants as well, to a great degree. The old fashioned Rockets and Larkspurs have been much improved of late years. The accompanying drawing is of a kind of Larkspur sent out by Messrs. Vilmorin of Paris, as the "camellia flowered" Larkspur.

Annual And Biennial Flowers 21

Among perennials, some of the kinds of Columbines have been wonderfully improved by hybridization since the Utah yellow and Rocky Mountain blue have been introduced. Some of the new varieties are continous bloomers, almost lasting till Autumn. The old Chinese Pink has also been improved so as to produce a race of continuous bloomers, some of which are small and with round petals, and some as in the cut with very finely divided edges, and seeming to have the same relation to each other as the old time races of Carnations and Piccotees. Even the common Snap-dragon has been greatly improved, and those who only knew it of old, would scarcely recognize the newer ones as belonging to the family.