"Weed" is the term applied to plants of no use to us; but as soon as it is discovered they possess a certain merit, they cease to be weeds. Acorns calamus, leaves swort like, hardy; Acorus variegata, leaves striped with creamy white, tender; Anacharis Canadensis, a fine oxygenator - fine, bright green, lanceolate leaves, all under water, hardy; Aspidistra lurida and var., a graceful, broad-leaved plant; Bambusa aurea var., a graceful, variegated reed; Brasenia peltata, the glossy green oval leaves float on the surface of the water, and when fully grown turn scarlet, mottled with yellow - flowers purple, tender; Callitriche verna, submerged, when it reaches the surface of the water forms a star-shaped rosette and changes from green into a brownish red, hardy; Calla AEthiopica, the well-known calla lily, pot-grown; Calla palustris, our native calla, pot-grown; Ceratophyllum demersum, entirely under water, where it grows without roots; Cyperus alternifolia, umbrella grass, pot-grown; Cyperus variegata; Cyperus papyrus, Egyptian paper plant, pot-grown; Farfugium grande, round leaves, spotted with yellow, above water; Fontanellis, a moss-like plant, all under water; Hippuris vulgaris, rising above water, resembling a little pine tree; Hydrocotyle repanda, floating, a curious plant, the round leaves rise above water; Iris hexagona, a variety of the flag, flowers blue with yellow; Iris lutea, flowers yellow; Lacis ceratophylla, a very graceful submerged plant, resembling chenille floating in water; Lemna, entirely floating, three kinds; Limnocharis Humboldtii, leaves floating, flowers yellow, very fine; Lysimachia, a vine, growing under and above water; Myriophyllum hetero-phyllum, under water entire, good oxygenator;

Myriophyllum spicatum, darker foliage than former; Nitella flexilis, a fine grass, entirely submerged; Nitella viridis, the very thin leaves are branched; Nelumbium luteum, a beautiful lily, flowers larger than N. odorata; Nymphcea flava, the celebrated Southern yellow water-lily, leaves small, floating, and variegated; Nymphcea odorata, the well-known white water-lily; Nuphar advena, the yellow lotus; Pistia stratiotes, a rosette of silvery, velvet-like leaves, floating on the water; Potamogeton crispus, narrow, delicate-looking curled leaves, partly floating; Potamogeton na-tans, same as former, but not curled, pot-grown; Potamogeton pusillus, a pretty, little, grass-like plant, all under water; Pontederia cordata angus-tifolia, flowers blue; Pontederia cordata lancifo-lia, flower blue; Reinekia carnea, a beautiful little grass, flowers purple; Richardia alba, spotted calla; Sagittaria variabilis, leaves arrow-shaped, flowers white; Saxifraga, leaves variegated, floating; Tradescantia aquatica, submerged; Trapa natans, from south of France, when the curious shaped leaves reach the surface of the water they form a floating rosette of about six inches diameter, flowers white; Uniola latifolia, a graceful grass, above water; Utricidaria vulgaris, a carnivorous plant, floating under water, very handsome; Vallisneria spiralis, a very fine oxygenator, leaves grass-like, partly floating; Villarsia trachyspermum, leaves heart shape and floating, under side purple; Zannichella palustris, a grass-like plant submerged.