We have frequently suggested to our readers how much more pleasure they could derive from their gardens, if more effort were used in bringing out some of the peculiar features of trees and shrubs. We are again reminded of this by the following note of Mr. Shirley Hibberd's in his Gardener's Magazine in regard to the Pyracantha, which is applicable to many parts of our country where the plant grows as well as in England:

"My standards have ripened their berries in advance of trees trained to walls. From the 24th of August they were conspicuous for their strong red color, although they have not yet acquired the splendid fiery glow by which they will soon be distinguished. There is a standard pyracantha at Kew, and I recommend lovers of hardy trees to see it, and thereby form an estimate of the value of this fine evergeen when grown in such a form. What a grand feature would a few dozen standards make spread out with ample space between on the grass in some of the London parks ! Would that some of our managers would make the trial".