Avocation For Women

Attention is being turned by a portion of the press to the topic of gardening as a vocation for women. So be it; and yet it is as well to intimate sometimes that it need not be taken up by them before there is a sufficient supply of good nurses; that is one at least of her proper vocations, but it is too generally shunned as too laborious and confining.

Good Gardeners

"When in Boston we did not get the names of the gardeners to whose good management Forest Grove Cemetery and Mount Auburn Cemetery owe so much of their good keeping. Mr. Farqnhar is at the former, and Mr. Collins at the other.

Papers Before The American Association

The Scientific American with its usual enterprise, is giving in a supplement to its general edition, what it regards as the most interesting papers read before the recent Saratoga meeting of the American Association. The number for the weekending September 16th, contains the paper by the Editor of this magazine on the " objects of sex and of odors in flowers".

Microscopic Fungi Infesting Our Cereals

This paper, read before the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Sciences, by Professor Barbeck, has been published in full by the American Naturalist for October. It is a paper that will deeply interest the fruit grower and horticulturist generally.

Vegetarianism The Radical Cure For Intemperance - By Harriet P. Fowler, New York. M. L. Holbrook & Co

This is a paper-covered book of eighty pages, and devoted to the cure of intemperance on the plan outlined by the title.

California Horticultural Society

A call headed by Dr. Hilgard and signed by a large number of distinguished names will soon result in a California Horticultural Society.

Note On Hyaginthus Candicans

In the September number of your Magazine. pp. 267, it stated that Hyacinthus candicans was first made known to Americans by a German exhibitor at the Centennial. Allow me to observe that this is an error. This fine summer-blooming Hyacinth came first to America from Holland, and it was our firm who planted a lot of it in the grounds of the Centennial Exhibition, where it flowered very satisfactorily, and was much admired. A medal was awarded for it to our firm.

Hybrid Columbine

The Garden gives a colored plate of an Aquilegia in which the sepals are bright blue, and the petals yellow - a hybrid between the American Aquilegia chrysantha, and A. coerulea.

Ampelopsis Veitchii

It has come to be the general belief that this and Ampelopsis tri-cuspidata are the same thing; but Messrs. Ell-wanger & Barry have two very different plants under each name.