Begonia Roezlii

This new species from Mexico is said to be a very distinct character and very beautiful. The flower buds are said to represent the opening of the European Red Poppy, and the expanded flowers are of a beautiful red.

Ranunculus Lyallii

This is a native of New Zealand, and is remarkable.for one of the "Buttercup" family in having flowers white and three inches across. It will probably not prove quite hardy in America. It has recently flowered in England in the collection of Messrs. Veitch & Sons.


Cap, Media, Pa., says: "Will you please give the botanical name of these two leaves in your next issue of the Gardener's Monthly, and to what family they belong?"

[These were all garden forms of Echeveria metallica. - Ed. G. M].

Benoni Apple

Dr. Burnett regards this as fully equal in value to the Early Joe, in Canada. Benoni originated in Ontario Co., New York; and Early Joe in Massachusetts.

The Rebecca Grape

This old variety, one of the first of the good white grapes, continues popular in Canada.

Cherry Bigarreau De Lyon

A basket of jolly-looking black cherries of great size and beauty, stands for a few moments on our table, from a free thirty years old, growing on the orchard of Godfrey Zimmerman of Buffalo. It is a kind deserving to be better known.

Vagaries Of The Past Winter

Among the curiosities of the last Winter not revealed until recently, is its effect on large Black Walnut trees, at least about Philadelphia. In most cases, indeed in all that we have seen, all heads are killed down to the large main branches. In the early part of July the young growth was pushing profusely from these main branches; which with so many dead ones above them, gave the appearance of wholly dead trees covered with Virginia creepers or other vines.

Utah Seedling Apples

It shows that a country is getting settled when it is old enough to boast of seedling apples. Higgin's Red and Orton's White are favorably spoken of as Utah Winter apples.

Fox's California Seedling Pears

These pears, favorably noticed some years ago in our magazine, are stated by the Pacific Rural Press to have had nothing in their market last Winter to compare with the variety known as B. S. Fox in size, flavor or abundant juice.

Jucunda Strawberries

Very good fresh fruit of these were in the Cleveland market at retail at five cents per quart, and magnificent fellows in little quart baskets at twelve cents that would have made the heart of the late J. Knox rejoice.