Betula Alba Fastigiata

Branches grow very upright, forming an elegant pyramidal tree, resembling the Lombardy Poplar.

Betula Alba Purpurea

Foliage of a beautiful purple color, as dark as that of the Purple Beech, and contrasting beautifully with the silvery bark.

Broussonetia Papyrifera Cucullata

A very fine variety, with its large leaves curled down around the edges.

Carpinus Betulus Incisa

A very handsome slow growing tree, with shining leaves very deeply cut. Can be pruned into any shape.

Catalpa Bungei

Leaves large and glossy; flowers in large clusters a foot long. An ornamental low tree.

Betula Syringcefolia Aurea

Leaves large and entirely suffused with a permanent golden color, giving a beautiful warm tint to the foliage. A remarkably handsome tree, with noble foliage of peculiar character and long clusters of fragrant, white, variegated flowers in August.

Cerastus Padus Flore-Pleno

An exceedingly pretty low tree, with pure white, semi-double flowers produced in great profusion.

Maackia Amurensis

A very ornamental tree, resembling the Virgilia, with pinnate leaves and small greenish-white flowers in long dense racemes.

Quercus Mongolica. Mongolian Oak

Leaves long, deeply notched, of a fine glaucous green color. A very handsome rare tree with noble foliage.

Quercus Pyrenaica Pendula (Tauzin Pendula)

A weeping variety of the Pyrenean Oak. Its leaves, when young, have a reddish tinge and a dense covering of woolly down, which give to the tree, in early Spring, a singular and very beautiful appearance.

Callicarpa Murasaki

Flowers red in clusters in June. The most ornamental of the family on account of its larger and more showy violet-blue berries in Autumn, which give it the appearance of being covered with flowers.

Cotoneaster Frigida

Flowers small, snow-white, produced in flat clusters in great abundance in April and May. Leaves larger than any other of its family. The bright red berries are very ornamental in the Autumn, and in mild seasons and sheltered situations remain on the plant all Winter. A very robust ornamental shrub or low tree.

Dimorphanthus Mandschuricus

A rare and ornamental plant with pinnate foliage, much resembling that of the Virgilia.

Rhus Osbecki. Osbeck's Sumach

A new shrub from China, with remarkable ornamental foliage, very beautiful for its Autumn tints.

Aralia Japonica

A very interesting, low tree, of shrubby character, with prickly stem and shoots, and very large compositely divided leaves. A singularly ornamental tree, with a spreading, umbrella-like head.

Berberis Hakodata

A very ornamental shrub, with thick, leathery, glossy leaves.