With some fine specimens of this excellent, juicy, late, white, free-stone peach, we have the following memorandum from Mr. Blodgett: "I send you a sample herewith of my seedling No. 1, Miss Percival, a white, melting peach that has now borne for ten years without failing in quantity and quality. My general crop of peaches is larger this year than the tenth in succession of uniform crops. There are eight trees heavily laden with yellow clings and free-stones yet to ripen, though none this year will be later than October 10th. Not one of the thirty trees of my collection has failed to produce a crop every year, except the finest yellow free-stone, No. 2, which broke to pieces with its heavy crop in a September storm, two years ago. The samples I send you are only an average; and of the entire number of seedlings, all are equally large and tender when ripe, except the Willow Peaches, white melting free-stone, of small size, very sweet, and extremely profuse bearers".