Climbing amongst low shrubs on the dwarf wall of one of the houses are some specimens of a Cape bulb, Bowiea volubilis. This very strange plant, although allied botanic-ally to the Drimias and Scillas, is totally unlike them; indeed, in general appearance, it exhibits no resemblance to any other plant whatever. Possessing little beauty, it is one of the most curious plants ever introduced into Europe, and consists of little more than a round, fleshy, green bulb, from the apex of which springs yearly a slender, twining, light green flower stem, six or eight feet in length, which below, throws off an abundance of much branched, curving, flower-less branches, and above bears numerous small, greenish-white flowers. For the rafter of the cool greenhouse the long, twining flower stems of this plant will excite attention, even if only for their being so totally different from anything else in the vegetable kingdom. - Garden.