The increasing taste for Orchids and the higher demand for winter-blooming sorts have induced me to send you a list of those that are now in bloom in some of the gardens near Boston. The list of Mr. Ames' Orchids was kindly compiled (on December 26) for me by Mr. Robinson, Mr. Ames' gardener. I regret that I have not a list of Mr. Paison's (of Watertown) orchids, as he has some extremely fine kinds, and well-grown and handsomely-flowered specimens; indeed his "cool" orchids are among the most robust and healthiest in the country.

Orchids in bloom at F. L. Ames', North Eas-ton:

Christmas Orchids 16Christmas Orchids 17

Besides many of the above, the following are in blossom in the garden of E. L. Beard, Esq., Cambridge :

Dendobrium bigibbum, var. superbum. Epidendrum prismatocarpum.

Laelia albida. autumnalis. var.

Lycaste Skinneri. var. alba (lovely). Odontoglossum cordatum.

Ehrenbergii. Oncidium crispum. obryzatum. varicosum.

At the Botanic Garden, Cambridge, December 31st, besides several of the preceding, are - Coelogyne cristata. sp. Cypripedium Harrisianum. Dendrobium heterocarpum. tetrogonum. Epidendrum cocbleatum. Ibaguense. Laelia superbiens. Liparis pendula.

Maxillaria punctulata. variabilis. Octomeria Surinamensis. Odontoglossom Rossii.

Insleayi. Oncidium Papilio. "var. majus. Pilumna laxa. Zygopetalum Mackayi.

No doubt the above lists could be largely augmented by considering the collections of Albany, New York, South Amboy, Newport and Baltimore.