I have been trying to arrange a tree alphabet so that a tree will stand for or represent a letter or figure, and can be planted so as to spell a name or commemorate an event. I find the initials of our most valuable trees comprise nearly all the letters of the alphabet, and can be placed so as to be read as easily as the alphabet by those who make themselves acquainted with the letters the trees are intended to represent. Farmers could have their names planted in groves along the roads bordering on their property, with the date of planting, and it would be both interesting and instructive to be able to tell by these who occupies the premises by reading the planter's name in his trees.

If an arrangement of this kind were approved by the committee of horticulture and the trees placed in alphabetical order on your grounds (including the numbers), it would likely stimulate many with a desire to plant trees as a memorial. If an arrangement of this kind should be approved and you should consider it of sufficient value to adopt, I would ask your assistance in improving the arrangement so that it may not be necessary to make any subsequent alterations. I have endeavored to make up the list of the most useful and ornamental trees suitable to this part of the country, as follows :

A, Ash.

B, Beech.

C, Cherry.

D, Dogwood.

E, Elm.

F, Fir.

G, Gum.

H, Hemlock.

I, Button wood.

J, Juniper.

K, Kentucky Coffee Tree.

L, Linden.

M, Maple.

N, Norway Spruce.

O, Pin Oak.

P, Poplar.

Q, Quercitron Bl'k Oak.

R, Red Oak.

S, Sassafras.

T, Tulip Tree.

IT, Horse Chestnut.

V, Am. Arborvitae.

W, Willow.

X, Apple.

Y, Yellow Beech.

Z, Pear.

Numbers Or Dates

1. White Pine.

2, Chestnut Oak.

3, White Walnut.

4, Black Walnut.

5, White Oak.

6, Locust.

7, Hickory.

8, Chestnut.

9, Mulberry 0, Cedar.

If we wish to plant to spell Charles Baker. 1878, it could be arranged thus, (I prefer placing the date first, as the two first figures are changed but once in a century, and therefore would be easier known):

1 White Pine.

8 Chestnut.

7 Hickory.

8 Chestnut.

C Cherry.

H Hemlock.

A Ash.

R Red Oak.

L Linden.

E Elm.

S Sassafras.

B Beech.

A Ash.

K Kentucky Coffee Tree.

E Elm.

R Red Oak.

A person passing along a road seeing a White Pine and Chestnut would know it was intended for a date, and would feel anxious to find out the others, and would thereby become more interested in the names of trees.