This is said to be the first hybrid Croton that has been raised in England. It is the result of a cross between C. Weismannii and C. interruptum. It far exceeds in beauty any of the imported species offered up to the present time. It is of medium growth and free branching habit, almost desirable feature in the formation of good specimens; the leaves when well matured are from nine to twelve inches long, and about two inches broad, oblong lanceolate; the ground color of the leaf is rich golden yellow, beautifully mottled with green; the midrib and the primary veins are of a rich magenta color, changing with age to a vivid crimson; the margin of the leaf is unevenly banded with carmine, often extending as far as the mid-rib, and so harmonizing with the rich yellow as to produce a gorgeous effect. - B. S. Williams, London, England.



Double Zonale Geranium, Robert Buist. Allegatiere the world renowned French raiser of Double Zonale Geraniums, has dedicated one of his best seedlings to Mr. Robert Buist, of Philadelphia. "Robert Buist" claims to be the best double scarlet out to the present time; stands the sun and open air culture, as well as forming a fine conservatory plant for Winter blooming. We may take occasion to remark that though on account of his advanced age, this distinguished florist withdrew from the heavier lines of the nursery business during the centennial year, he still does quite a large trade in the lighter ones; especially in new or rare greenhouse plants.