I am aware that the subject which I have selected for my essay this evening, has been so fully treated of at various times that nothing really new can be added. And yet it is at all times an interesting topic, for not only is the rose a general favorite at the present day, but from the earliest ages it has been in cultivation among the civilized nations of Europe and Asia, and justly esteemed "The Queen of Flowers".

I might here introduce a brief history of the rose, and notice a few of the many beautiful sentiments that have been expressed regarding it; but all this, while doubtless interesting to a certain extent, would not materially aid me in perfecting the design of this essay, which is to assist, if possible the amateur Rosarian, by considering briefly a few of the most essential particulars of rose culture. And as the object before us should always be perfection, it will be necessary in order to attain our object that particular attention be given in the first place to the matter of soil.