The many ill-shaped Osage Orange hedges which a few years ago were so common hereabouts led many to believe the statement to be true that in this country we had nothing to make hedges with to be as perfect as the Hawthorn ones of Europe. But thanks to the experience of some, and to the teachings of others, it has been shown that our Osage Orange with ordinary care can be relied on to make a good defensive hedge, and there are now to be seen many hedges which are as perfect as could be desired. Not only here is the Osage Orange proving its worth, but in neighboring States it is also highly valued. In the vicinity of Delaware City, Del., the writer lately saw miles of Osage hedging just as good as any ordinary hedge he had seen in Europe. It is the custom in that part of Delaware to trim the hedges three times annually, but it would be found that twice would answer to make a good hedge. These Delaware hedges were trimmed flat on the top, which, while detracting from their beauty, tends to form them with very broad bases, which in time will make them perfectly impenetrable.

Osage Orange plants can be had at low prices compared to those of a few years ago, and with such care to the young hedge as the Monthly has often recommended, there is no excuse for those wanting a good cheap hedge not having one.