They seem to be suffering from the dereliction of gas companies in Europe, as well as in our country, by the enclosed from the Gardeners' Record:

"We read in a Dutch contemporary that the magnificent avenue of lime trees on the Arnhem Velperweg, which forms one of the chief attractions of the neighborhood, is threatened with utter ruin by the deleterious action of gas escaping from the under-ground pipes and poisoning the soil on which it stands. The local authorities are attempting to remedy the evil by digging large holes round the roots of the trees and filling them in with fresh earth, but at the best this can be but a temporary relief, and it is feared that nothing short of the removal of the main pipes from the present position can save this well-known avenue from speedy destruction".

"When we consider the great influence for good which trees have on the public health, it may dawn on the intellect of those interested in the sanitary condition of cities, that it is worth while having gas mains made gas-tight.