E. S. B., Bristol, Pa., says : "In the January number of the Monthly I read Chas. Black's theory of the strawberry blight being caused by the presence of lice on the roots. I shall not demur from such authority as Mr. B., but I would like him to give me a reason for the blight on the Forest Rose, Jucunda and French, when there was no sign of lice on their roots; and why it was that the Sharpless and Crescent Seedlings showed no signs of blight, but grew luxuriantly when their roots were covered with lice ? In the April number Mr. John T. Lovett gives a cure for the blight by the application of wood ashes, which he says is a dead shot to the louse. I think Mr. L. is mistaken about this, as he used ashes as a fertilizer on his strawberry patches last year, and the lice flourished as well among the ashes as they did elsewhere. Will he please tell whether he used leached or unleachedashes".