M. B., Detroit, Michigan, writes : "Recently, in a circle of friends, the question came up as to whether tree trunks elongate. My friend asserted that on a Silver Maple tree near his house, he had occasion to measure from a branch proceeding from the trunk, to the ground, some years ago, and it was exactly seven feet; now that branch at its junction with the trunk, is seven feet, four inches. I contend that it is impossible, and that there must certainly be something wrong with the figures. We have agreed to submit the case to you".

[Your friend is in all propability, quite correct in his figures. Branches from the trunk are often several inches higher from the ground at their junction with the trunk on old trees, than they were when the trees were small; but this has nothing to do with the question, do-tree trunks elongate? From the manner in which wood is known to be made, it is impossible for a branch formed one year, to elongate any time after. - Ed. G-. M].