Most of our societies now have in connection with exhibitions, short essays of fifteen minutes or so on some practical questions of general interest. At the March meeting of the Maryland Horticultural Society, Mr. Pentland read an essay on window plants which was highly appreciated. At one of our local societies the professor of Botany expatiates on the popular features connected with any of the plants on exhibition, and attracts many who would not otherwise attend.

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. The June "reception" by the ladies of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society was attended by a frightful storm, but in spite thereof, a goodly number of Philadelphia's best citizens attended it. Premiums were offered only for roses, strawberries, and cut flowers. Of the last there were numerous tasteful specimens of art from many of the leading florists of Philadelphia. In strawberries the chief attractions were supplied by Judge Parry, and F. F. Merceron, in the Sharpless Seedling. These were very fine, and did good justice to its reputation. Miner's Seedling, was meritorious in size and flavor.