We learn that ex-Mayor Henry's public life did not "terminate chiefly " with the term of his efforts to stop the running of street cars on Sunday. He was elected twice afterwards, and moreover that his opposition was not personal but official. He still believes the law is against the running of the cars, but he believes the law should be modified, as public travel is among the public necessities.

We had no intention of passing on the right or wrong of the action. The Gardener's Monthly would not be the place for such a discussion. It was simply as illustrative of the changes which some author calls "the whirligig of time " produces in public opinion. When, however, so estimable a gentleman as Mr. Alexander Henry can be appointed to such a position as Park Commissioner amidst the general tendency to afflict all our leading offices with mere politicians with few ideas of office beyond the power it brings to control voters, the grateful public can well afford to let the past go, even were we not in some respects mistaken.