John Robinson, Salem, Mass. New candidates for public favor, in the shape of literary products, are often sent freely for editorial opinion; at other times they come through the editorial exchequer, and the notices appear as matter of news, for a "live" paper must keep its readers informed of all that is passing in the world around. We make this explanation in order to account for this very late notice of this useful little work. It is not exactly as "news " to our readers, for we noticed the prospectus early last season. The work itself will be found fully up to the promise. Part is devoted to the "Life of the Fern," a chapter is given to classification, the distribution and nomenclature of Ferns, in which a colored plate of Pellaea densa is used in illustration. Something of the literature of ferns gives an account of all the leading works on them. In the chapter "How to collect Ferns" there is an illustration of the new Fern Cheilan-thus Cooperae, and there are many successive chapters on the various practical matters relating to fern culture.

The work will do much to stimulate the commendable taste for fern study, which already exists to a great extent among tasteful people.