While eminent men are endeavoring to prove that trees are not found on the Western prairies because the chemical constitution of the soil cannot possibly sustain them; and well meaning persons are showing that trees never will be planted unless Government, State or National, creates lots of offices, and pays swarms of office holders more than the trees ever will be worth to raise them; practical men and public spirited corporations are quietly doing, and doing well the "impossible" thing. On a ride across Kansas last Summer, the writer of this was delighted with the numerous shady groves and belts of trees that seemed to have sprung up as if by magic, since his last visit to the State in 1873. This tract by Mr. Kern is not only to show the new settler what has been done, but what may still be accomplished in regard to kinds not yet tried. Few persons are better fitted to give such advice than Mr. Kern. It will be sent gratuitously to all applicants by Mr. Kern, North Topeka., Kansas.