The Raspberry season is almost (dosed and it may be a matter of interest to many of your readers to learn the varieties that best succeed in the Ohio Valley, from Cincinnati to Cairo. Between the extreme cold of last Winter and drouth of this Spring and Summer the crop has been the shortest known for many years. The Herstine would be a universal favorite, but the past Winter proved that it was not hardy, nearly all of the plants wen; killed to the ground.

The Southern Bed is nearly equal to the Her-stine in all respects save that, if is not prolific, but if is perfectly hardy. The Gregg has fully maintained the high character given it. It will supercede all other Black (Japs hens. The Pride of the Hudson was killed to the ground. Think of that! oh ye people that sold plants "perfectly hardy " at fifty cents each.

I am watching with great interest a few specimens of the Japanese Persimmon now growing on a little tree only four years old. I hope they will mature.

[We suppose these persimmons are in the open air, in which case we. may look for its hardiness at Madison, Indiana. - ED. G. M].