It is said that the Entomological cabinet of Mr. Andrew S. Fuller, contains eight thousand species of beetles alone. Mr. Fuller estimates there are over 100,000 species of insects in the United States. A gentleman who visited his collection says: " Here Mr. Fuller sat down at the table and began to write. The reporter was about to leave when the entomologist said : ' I have given you the little I know concerning one beetle, but to-day there is not one hundred of our North American insects whose true history is well known. There is room for a thousand active young men to distinguish themselves in this direction. The pursuit is most fascinating, and no man who has once entered it will ever wish to turn back. Just to give you an idea. One man visited Florida during the Winter and brought back over 1,500 new species of bugs. Another man broke down the bug market in one specialty. He found under a dead Palmetto fan hundreds of bugs that were previously rated at seventy-five dollars apiece.' "